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New Plastics Litigation Tracker

Announcing the Plastics Litigation Tracker, a new resource from the State Energy & Environmental Impact Center and the Guarini Center on Environmental, Energy, & Land Use Law. The project tracks...

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Testimony: LL97 Oversight Hearing

On April 22, the Guarini Center submitted brief comments to the New York City Council regarding Local Law 97 to assist the City Council in reviewing the City’s efforts to...

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'More are sure to come.' States fret over gas ban lawsuits.

E&E NEWS / David Iaconangelo / Jun. 16, 2023

new york, brooklyn bridge, nyc-5173657.jpg

NYC’s responsibility to combat climate change

NEW YORK DAILY NEWS / Katrina Wyman & Danielle Spiegel-Feld / Jul. 14, 2022

Central Park, NYC

Will Eric Adams Let Landlords Buy Their Way Out Of Energy Upgrades?

NEW YORK FOCUS / Colin Kinniburgh / Jun. 27, 2022

NYC skyline

Tension Over Who’s Responsible for Greening City Buildings

CRAIN'S NEW YORK / Caroline Spivack / Jun. 10, 2022

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A Report Card on the City's Use of Infrastructure to Combat Climate Change

CRAIN'S NEW YORK BUSINESS / Brandon Sanchez / Nov. 19, 2021

Central Park, NYC

City’s Carbon Emissions Law Could Actual Save Landlords Billions: Study

COMMERCIAL OBSERVER / Celia Young / Nov. 17, 2021

power plant, brown coal, air pollution-6698838.jpg

Costs of NYC’s Clean Buildings Law Mostly on Residential Sector

BLOOMBERG NEWS / Stephen Lee / Nov. 15, 2021

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Another Climate Risk for Cities: Higher Borrowing Costs

BLOOMBERG CITYLAB / Lauren Coleman-Lochner / Aug. 23, 2021

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