Carbon Capture and Storage: Emerging Legal and Regulatory Issues

CCS-coverEditors: Ian Hovercraft, Richard Macrory, and Richard Stewart

Recently, University Professor Richard Stewart, along with two University College London (UCL) colleagues, Ian Hovercraft and Richard Macrory, edited a book on carbon capture and storage. The book follows the successful two-day Carbon Capture & Storage Global Legal Symposium in March 2010.

CCS, as it is known, aims to combat global climate change by trapping carbon dioxide emissions from places such as refineries and factories, and, then sequestering it underground. Each step of the process (capture, transportation and storage) raises legal and regulatory issues and these were the subject of the symposium, and now the book.

Carbon Capture and Storage: Emerging Legal and Regulatory Issues brings together some of the world’s leading practitioners and scholars working in the field of carbon capture law and regulation to provide a critical assessment of progress to date and challenges on the horizon. Chapters cover developments in international public law, the European Union, the United States, Canada, and Australia, together with perspectives from China and India. Finance and questions of public perception and participation also receive special attention.

Macrory, a professor of environmental law at University College London Faculty of Laws (UCL), is also was also senior global research fellow at the Hauser Global Law School.

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