The Guarini Center: Advancing energy and environmental policies for an efficient, sustainable economy

Our Mission and Approach

The Guarini Center focuses on environmental and energy challenges that range from global climate change to regional energy policy.

Our work is rooted in a belief that with appropriate market-oriented strategies, regulatory policies can simultaneously achieve environmental and economic objectives. The Center endeavors to advance such strategies. Specifically, through policy-relevant research and multi-stakeholder dialogues with professionals in government, business, law and the NGO community, we identify innovative ideas to tackle environmental and energy challenges. The Center’s faculty and fellows then work to translate these ideas into pragmatic proposals for reform.

Research Initiatives

The Guarini Center conducts research and issues publications that further our mission of facilitating the transition to a robust, low-carbon economy. Our current research themes – The Electric Utility of the Future, New Financing Mechanisms for Renewable Energy, Alternative Structures for Global Climate Action, and Global Climate Finance – recognize the inextricable link between climate and energy and the necessity of mobilizing innovative financing mechanisms if we are to devise impactful policy solutions.

Public and Private Events

Through frequent public and private events, the Guarini Center facilitates candid discourse between academics, environmental advocates, regulators and professionals in the energy and financial industries.

In the climate sphere, the Guarini Center has hosted numerous leaders including Connie Hedegaard, European Commissioner for Climate Action; Tillman Thomas, Prime Minister of Grenada; and Johnson Toribiong, President of Palau. The Center has also hosted a major workshop on Climate Finance at NYU Abu Dhabi for each of the past four years.

Examples of recent Guarini Center speakers on energy policy include, Richard Kauffman, Chairman of Energy and Finance for New York State; Daniel Esty, former Commissioner of the Connecticut Department of Energy and Environment; Richard Miller, Director of Energy Market Policy Group at Con Edison; Audrey Zibelman, Chairwoman of the New York Public Service Commission; and many more.

Who We Are

Our location in downtown New York City, the financial capital of the U.S and headquarters of the UN., combined with our faculty and fellows’ extensive experience working at the intersection of energy, environmental and economic concerns, position us well to build bridges between the relevant business and policy communities. The Guarini Center’s Director, Richard B. Stewart, former Chairman of the Environmental Defense Fund, has long been recognized as one of the nation’s foremost experts on the use of market-mechanisms in environmental policy and international climate finance; Katrina M. Wyman has earned acclaim for her scholarship on the interplay between private property rights and environmental policy, having publishing several groundbreaking articles in the field; Paul Francis, has deep roots in the financial sector and has occupied various positions of prominence in New York State government, including his current role as Chair of the Utility Debt Securitization Authority; and Jonathan Schrag, brings years of hands-on experience implementing market-based regional energy and environmental policies, having previously headed the Regional Greenhouse Gas Initiative, among other positions. For a full listing of our faculty, fellows and staff with short biographies see here.