EPA v. EME Homer City “Strongly Supports” Use of CAA to Combat Climate Change

NEW YORK- Richard B. Stewart, Director of the Guarini Center for Environmental, Energy, and Land Use Law at New York University School of Law issued the following statement:

“EPA’s decisive 6-2 Supreme Court victory in the cross – state air pollution case (EPA v. EME Homer City Generation L.P.) points the way for EPA regulation of power plant CO2 emissions using cost-effective emissions trading systems to achieve higher levels of control. The Court’s reasoning strongly supports EPA’s ability to use the Clean Air Act to address climate change through innovative and efficient control strategies.”

The Guarini Center for Environmental, Energy and Land Use Law is a non-partisan think tank that advances market-oriented environmental and energy policies for an efficient and sustainable economy.


For more information, please contact:

Danielle Spiegel-Feld, NYU School of Law – (212) 992-6146, Danielle.spiegel-feld@nyu.edu

A pdf of the statement can be downloaded here

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