Institutions for Global Climate Finance

Project Leads: Bryce Rudyk & Richard Stewart

The project focuses on the design of climate finance mechanisms and the institutions or governance mechanisms required to ensure that the radically decentralized climate finance system functions. The regime must not only mobilize needed resources and ensure efficient and effective use of these resources for climate protection and low-carbon development, but also build mutual trust and confidence through broadly acceptable and effective governance arrangements.


  • The Math and Aftermath of Fast Start Finance - This Policy Brief provides an updated analysis of the delivery of Fast Start Finance as of the start of the 19th Conference of the Parties (COP 19) in Warsaw, Poland. Download the policy paper here.
  • Governing a Fragmented Climate Finance Regime, 3 World Bank Legal Review 363 (2011) - Authors: Richard Stewart, Bryce Rudyk and Kiri Mattes This article summarizes the emergence and current status of climate finance in international climate negotiations; sets forth the broad array of functions that global climate finance institutions must carry out; describes the institutions that are already in place; and outlines the agenda for future institution building that […]
  • Climate Finance: Regulatory and Funding Strategies for Climate Change and Global Development - Edited by Richard B. Stewart, Benedict Kingsbury and Bryce Rudyk NYU Press (September 2009). pp 348   Contents: Full Book (PDF, 3.1 Mb) Cover (Front & Back) (PDF, 280 Kb) Front matter (PDF, 119 Kb) Section I: Climate Change and Mitigation (PDF, 641 Kb) Section II: Proposals for Climate Finance (PDF, 929 Kb) Section III: […]