Plastic Production in SIDS: Preliminary Data on the Role of Small Island Developing States in Global Plastic Production

Recognizing the need to address the growing global plastics crisis, the international community has begun the process of developing an international legally binding instrument on plastic pollution, which has the potential to impact domestic activities surrounding plastic production. Up until now, however, there has been a notable lack of information on the role that Small Island Developing States (SIDS) play in plastic production. To this end, the Guarini Center has been engaged in research aimed at filling these knowledge gaps.

This research paper analyzes high-level data on production activities in SIDS to determine the extent to which SIDS are producing, or planning to produce, plastics.

Categories: Policy Paper/Report
Tags: Oceans, Plastic Pollution, Small Island Developing States
Author: Adalene Minelli, Bryce Rudyk, Karmjit Sangha, Saeed Hamid
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