Breaking the Logjam: Environmental Protection that Will Work

Authors: David Schoenbrod, Richard Stewart & Katrina Wyman

logjamAfter several decades of significant but incomplete successes, environmental protection in the United States is stuck. Administrations under presidents of both parties have fallen well short of the goals of their environmental statutes. Schoenbrod, Stewart, and Wyman, distinguished scholars in the field of environmental law, identify the core problems with existing environmental statutes and programs and explain how Congress can fix them. Based on a project the authors led that incorporated the work of more than fifty leading environmental experts, this book is a call to action through public understanding based on a nonpartisan argument for smarter, more flexible regulatory programs to stimulate the economy and encourage green technology.

Table of Contents

Preface: The Logjammed Congress

1. Coping with Complexity: The Schooling Fish
2. How We Got Lost in Complexity: The Mistaken Squirrel

3. Principles of Reform: The Adapting Beaver
4. Climate Change: The Combustible Rock
5. Air Pollution: The Old Body
6. Lands, Waters, and Other Natural Resources: The Organized Ant
7. Smarter Government: The Tool-Wielding Monkey

8. Breaking the Logjam: ‘‘My Antelope’’


The book is available for purchase here.

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