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Policy Papers

  • Post-EPSA Blog Post Title Page The Supreme Court Upholds FERC Order 745 January 2016 - January 2016 Case Update: The Supreme Court Upholds FERC Order 745 Matthew R. Christiansen Energy Law & Policy Fellow Frank J. Guarini Center on Environmental, Energy and Land Use Law On Monday, the Supreme Court held that the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (“FERC”) has jurisdiction under the Federal Power Act (“FPA”) to regulate demand response […]
  • Deploying Solar Powered Microgrids on Small Islands_Page_01 Deploying Solar Powered Microgrids on Small Island Developing States December 2015 - Today, the majority of Small Island Developing States (SIDS) rely on imported diesel fuel to generate electricity on the islands. This reliance on diesel exposes SIDS to multiple challenges. First, the fuel must typically be transported great distances at great expense and the resulting electricity tariffs can be staggeringly high. In 2010, for instance, when global […]
  • PPL's Implications for EPSA v.FINAL_Page_1 Electricity Regulation at the Supreme Court: What Might the Grant of PPL Mean for EPSA? October 2015 - Last week, the Supreme Court granted certiorari in Hughes v. PPL EnergyPlus, LLC (“PPL”), its second case of the term involving the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission’s (“FERC”) regulation of wholesale electricity markets. Two days earlier, the Court heard oral argument in the first case, Federal Energy Regulatory Commission v. Electric Power Supply Association (“EPSA”). Following […]
  • Building New York's Future Electricity Markets_FINAL_Page_01 Building New York’s Future Electricity Markets: Identifying Policy Prerequisites & Market Relationships July 2015 - This work was made possible by the generous support of the Energy Foundation New York State’s “Reforming the Energy Vision” (REV) proceeding aims to improve the efficiency of the State’s electricity system by animating markets for distributed energy resources (DERs). Thus far, the New York State Public Service Commission (Commission) has laid out several aspirational features of […]
  • 14-840, 14-841 tsac Guarini Center_Page_01 Brief as amicus curiae in Support of Petitioners in EnerNOC v. Electric Power Supply Ass’n July 2015 - The Guarini Center has submitted an amicus curiae brief to the Supreme Court supporting the US government’s position in the case EnerNOC v. Electric Power Supply Association. The outcome of this case will determine the extent to which the Federal Energy Regulatory Commission (FERC) can regulate demand response programs in wholesale energy markets. These programs […]

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Issue Briefs

  • The German Energy Transition _Event Summary_Page_1 The German Energy Transition: Debating Implications for New York State June 2015 - On April 29, 2015, the Guarini Center on Environmental, Energy and Land Use Law and the Ecologic Institute hosted an event entitled, “The German Energy Transition: Debating Implications for New York State.” A summary of the discussion highlighting key takeaways and next steps can be downloaded here. A recording of the event can be viewed […]
  • RIIO Issue Brief_Page_1 A Primer on Utility Regulation in the United Kingdom: Origins, Aims, and Mechanics of the RIIO Model November 2014 - Author: Benjamin Mandel In advance of a roundtable discussion on the UK’s RIIO (“Revenue = Incentives + Innovation + Outputs”) model for sustainable utility regulation, to be convened by the Guarini Center on November 18, 2014, the Center has prepared an issue brief to orient an American audience with the basic structures and mechanisms that […]

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Fact Sheets

  • German Energy Transition_Handout_Page_1 Facts and Figures About the German Energy Transition April 2015 - On April 29, the Guarini Center and Ecologic Institute co-hosted a discussion on the German Energiewende (Energy Transition) and potential implications it could hold for energy reforms that are underway in New York State. To help facilitate an informed discussion, the Guarini Center prepared a set of facts and figures comparing the German electricity sector and relevant policy instruments […]
  • NYU Innovative Finance Fact Sheet - Nov 13_Page_1 New Renewable Finance November 2013 - Authors: Jonathan Schrag & Seth Silverman Since the Energy Policy Act of 1992, the U.S. federal government has relied on a Production Tax Credit (PTC) to encourage private capital investment in renewable energy. The American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009 expanded an Investment Tax Credit (ITC) for renewable energy. Those tax credits, however, have […]

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